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Bans City

Photo Album

Photo Album

Bans City has a number of outlets in Tokyo and is operated by a number of professionals in the real estate industry. We will thoroughly analyze the properties we are assigned and we will make our best effort to effectively promote them to potential tenants. The management department of our company has attained a respectable 99.9% occupancy rate.


Located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku-ward, Bans City’s headquarters is on the 25th floor of NS Building across from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Please feel welcome to drop by for questions and inquiries if you happen to be in Tokyo.


This is the lobby floor of NS Building, where our headquarters is located. The clock in the picture above is the world’s largest clock according to the Guinness Book of Records.


Bans City’s entrance/reception desk.


Aisle leading to our conference/meeting rooms.


The well-renowned Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building faces one of our conference rooms. The building was designed by Kenzo Tange, a well-respected architect from Japan.


Our conference rooms provide the confidentiality of our customers.


Japan’s famous Mount Fuji can be seen in the distant from this conference room on clear winter days.