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Sales Process

Sales ProcessWe provide free property evaluation services. Basically the sale of properties is divided into “agency sales” and “sell after buy” If you wish to look for new properties, please contact us.

Sales Process

Step Consultation
Please visit our website and click on “contact us” or give us a call at our office.

Step 2 Information Gathering
Our professionally trained staff will go over the current conditions of your property and also obtain any other relevant information.

Step 3 Evaluation/Report
Based on the surrounding environment, past transactions records, market trend etc., of your property, we will provide a well-informed price evaluation of your property.

Step 4 Sign Sales Authorization Contract
Sign the authorization agreement; you may sign this and send it over to us by mail.

Step 5 Advertising/Sales Period
After the completion of the sales authorization contract, our goal will be to promote your property through effective advertisement and other forms of media. We will of course keep you periodically updated with its progress.

Step 6 Buyer Registration
Once we find a potential buyer, we will strive to come to a mutual term that satisfies the conditions of both the buyer and seller.

Step 7 Sales Contract
Once both the buyer and seller have reached a mutual agreement, we would need you to come to Japan to sign the sales contract and other related paperwork.

Step 8 Change of Property Title & Handover of Property
Once the payment has been settled, we will complete the title change registration and hand over the keys to the buyer.

※When you sell properties in Japan, it is customary for the seller to be responsible of the disposal of any garbage and waste remaining in the property. However, we are happy to provide the service in the proceeding regards to our customers. We can also handle overseas moving, waste disposal and the termination of your utility services.

For more information, please contact us through the “contact us” link below.