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Property Rental Price Assessment Service

Property Rental Price Assessment ServiceWe provide free rental price assessment service for your property. Our highly professional staff with extensive market knowledge will help provide the most ideal rental price for your property. Whether you would like to quickly find a tenant to gain profit or would like to raise the value of your asset, our company will provide the most comprehensive service that attends to your needs (not limited to the number of units in hand).

Rental Price Assessment Process

Step 1 Consultation
Please visit our website and click on “contact us” or give us a call at our office.

Step 2 Information Gathering
Our professionally trained staff will go over your requirements and the current conditions of your property.

Step 3 Evaluation Begins
Based on the surrounding environment, past transactions records, market trend etc., of your property, we will begin the price assessment process.

Step 4 Report・Proposal
We will quote the most appropriate rental price and provide you with the best solution in managing your property.

Recommendations of a Reputable Interior Design Company
In addition, our company can introduce interior design companies at your request. As the interior condition of your property has an important bearing on its profitability, please contact us if you would like to request for cleaning and repair/refurbishing services. We will provide the best interior refurbishing advice and price assessment for the varying needs of our customers.

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