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Other Service

Other ServiceWe provide comprehensive service from managing/buying/selling of properties to service tailored for our overseas customers. Using our service will enable you to conveniently invest in Japanese properties and free you from management, tax and related trouble!!

Building Administration
Being able to retain the property’s value is an important component with regards to the future strategic direction. In addition to rental administration service, we also provide cleaning, inspecting, repairing, maintenance and building-related service. Please contact us if you need further assistance. (※terms and conditions apply)
Fee: Cost varies according to different conditions; free evaluation

Tax Payment by Proxy
If you have an obligation to pay tax but are not physically in Japan, then you must delegate a tax proxy on your behalf for tax payment. Our company will act as your proxy and will be responsible for all tax payments including real estate purchase tax, fixed property tax, and city planning tax – all of which will be paid off before the deadline. We will also collect any tax refund and remit it to your designated bank account to save you from trouble.
Fee: 24,000JPY (per year)

Tax Filing Service
Once you have purchased a property in Japan and have rental income, you are obliged to pay tax annually. According to Japan’s tax system, Japanese government will deduct non-taxable expenditures and refund any overpaid tax. We have cooperating accountancy agencies that will handle the annual tax payment for you and with a preferential price.

Interior Management Service
In the event of any interior equipment malfunction that is not intentionally caused by the tenant, our representative will pay a visit on your behalf for evaluation.
Fee: Cost varies according to the degree of damage

Application Service for Utilities
Our company can apply for water, electricity, telephone, internet and related utilities on your behalf.
Fee: Cost varies according to different utility companies

Interior Remodeling and Related-Service
We provide assistance and support from the changing of wallpaper, replacement of floor tiles, to full-scale remodeling. The interior condition has significant influence on the property’s rental income. For that reason, maintaining a good interior condition can also effectively retain the property’s value. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to know how to enhance the value of your property or wish to remodel your property.
Fee: Free evaluation; please inquire us for further details

Overseas Moving Service
We have collaborating moving companies that will safely move your valuables to your destination. We also provide assistance in making payments of recycling fees incurred from the disposal of unwanted items.
Fee: Free evaluation

Consultation Service
Do you have doubts on how to manage your assets? With your property in consideration, we will recommend the best way to utilize your assets. In addition, please inquire us for more details on other services that may occur to you. Our mission is to provide you with the most complete and well-rounded service to ensure you a peace of mind when managing your overseas assets from abroad.
Fee: Free evaluation