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Investment Advantages of Tokyo Properties

Investment Advantages of Tokyo PropertiesAs of now, the price of land in Tokyo is incongruent with its rental price. Normally, the higher the selling price of land, the higher the rent. This tendency has also been seen in other advanced countries such as New York, London, and Paris. The interest rate for real estate in first world countries is around 1.5%, with Shanghai and Taipei following the same trend. Compared to the aforementioned countries, the price of land in Japan is relatively low while the rent is relatively high, the latter of which continues to escalate. As things currently stand, Tokyo is an excellent choice for global investors. Besides the point mentioned earlier, in addition to a highly developed transportation system, Tokyo is a city that tops the list in terms of social stability and safety. Due to the city’s high population density, Tokyo’s real estate is always high in demand. Not only will Tokyo’s real estate become a valuable asset, it will also yield a stable rental income and avoid various potential risks. Real estate in Tokyo is surely a prized asset in the long run.

MERIT1 Low Risk, High Profit !

Investment Advantages of Tokyo PropertiesWhen compared to financial investment/products, real estate investment has comparatively lower risks and yields a relatively stable income in the long run. After the economic bubble, the price of properties in Tokyo went through an adjustment period, which made the properties in this city more affordable. The property’s rental income is stable and profitable – this, in turn, will also create a substantial rental profit in the long run. On the other hand, real estate prices have been on the rise in Taipei, but the returns are diminishing. Choosing Tokyo as an investment target in contrast will bring higher returns.

MERIT2 Lower Inflation Risks ! (Capital Gains)

Investment Advantages of Tokyo PropertiesThe financial climate is constantly changing and inflation is one of the inevitable changes. In the event of inflation, you can be rest assured that the properties can still retain their prices as they are a relatively stable form of asset. Despite the change in monetary values, a stable rental income is guaranteed. Cash value, on the other hand, will decrease during inflation, and may become worthless in the event of continuous inflation. As a result, investing in real property can help combat inflation risks. Investing in Tokyo properties now, while the prices are relatively low, is definitely a smart move as the real property values is on an upward trend.

MERIT3 Real Estate Quality !

Investment Advantages of Tokyo PropertiesJapanese construction is recognized as one of the best in the world along with the quality material that is used in construction. As a country that lies on a fault line, Japan has endured numerous earthquakes in its history. Due to this reason, construction technology in Japan is constantly improving and evolving as many buildings are able to withstand high magnitudes of earthquakes. Through the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami incident, such earthquake-approved buildings remain unscathed throughout the disaster. This is a testament to the high safety measures taken by the Japanese in the construction of buildings. Real estate in Japan is a long term asset that can give you peace of mind.

MERIT4 One of A Kind Lifestyle, Make It Your Second Home !

Investment Advantages of Tokyo PropertiesA question that often comes to mind about real estate is asset management. Frankly speaking, you can also choose to make your property your second home. With a highly developed transportation system and with a multitude of supporting educational and commercial facilities, properties in Tokyo are well-liked by investors – many of them utilize it as a second home in fulfilling a unique and relaxed lifestyle. The properties we provide, either ones near subway stations or ones near schools, are all suitable for living. These properties are also targeted for students who might be studying abroad in Japan, and then used as a rental property to generate income later on after his or her graduation. One of the charms of real estate is that the purposes can be altered according to the needs and requirements of each individual investor.