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Before Purchase

Before PurchaseQ1 I do not speak Japanese. Is there Chinese speaking staff?
Yes, we have Chinese speaking staff at your service.

Q2 I would like to learn more about the purchase/selling procedure of properties. What procedures or documents are required?
Please refer to the “Property Purchase Procedure” listed on top of this website.

Q3 Are there any restrictions with regards to foreigners purchasing properties in Japan?
Currently, there are no restrictions in this regard. Under the law reform in April of 1998, the ban placed on foreigners (non-Japanese residents) from purchasing properties in Japan has been lifted.

Q4 When renting properties in Japan, are there situations where the landlord refuses to rent an apartment to a foreigner?
A guarantor company is required if a foreigner wishes to rent an apartment in Japan. The guarantor company is there to resolve any potential problems, such as when the rent is overdue or uncollected, and will consequently pay the rent on behalf of the tenant. Guarantor companies are common throughout Japan and even if you do not have a private guarantor, a guarantor company will enable foreigners in renting apartments in Japan.

Q5 I do not speak Japanese. Is there any supporting service that can assist me during the actual transaction?
According to Japanese law, contract documentations must be in Japanese for all real estate transactions. As such, we will have Chinese-speaking staff to assist you with simultaneous document translation during contract signing, to fully keep you informed about contract specifics.

Q6 Does your company provide assistance with regards to real estate insurances?
Yes, we will explain this to you during the purchase.

Q7 Can non-Hong Kong residents also purchase properties in Japan?
Although there are no restrictions on purchase, the procedure is a bit different. Please contact us for more information.

Q8 If I would like to remodel/refurbish my unit, does your company provide related service?
Please rest assured that we (as a holistic company) do provide professional interior remodeling/refurbishing services. We also have good connections with a number of related companies to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Q9 How do I pay for my management and maintenance fees?
As for future payments, you may choose to wire transfer directly to the management company’s bank account or you may wish to settle your payments via a monthly automatic deduction system if you have a bank account in Japan.

Q10 I am looking for whole buildings and commercial properties. Do you provide assistance in this regard?
Yes we do. After confirming your preferences, we will begin searching for properties that fit within the parameters. We will then send all related information to your email address for your perusal.

Q11 Can your company provide relevant information on properties found on other websites?
Yes we can. If you happen to come across suitable properties listed on websites other than ours, please contact us at your convenience. Simply inform us about the property’s price, address, size, etc. and we will get back to you on the property specifics.

※Given that the properties we listed is accessible by nationwide real estate agencies in Japan, properties in Japan come and go particularly fast. If you choose the above method, the transaction time can be greatly shortened. If you do not know how to search for properties in Japan, we will provide useful websites for your reference. In addition, our professional staff will look into the property in question and will revert back with all the relevant information and the best advice for your consideration.

Q12 If I decide to purchase a property, do I have to make a trip to Japan?
One has to visit Japan in person for verification of the buyer’s identification when a contract is to be signed. If a bank loan is applied for the property purchased, one has to come to Japan again when the property’s title changes.

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