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After PurchaseQ1 If I do not live in Japan, do you provide management service for my property?
Yes, we have management service tailored for customers who have purchased properties. For further information please see “Our Property Management Service” above.Q2 My child will be studying abroad in Japan so I am considering purchasing a small studio or an apartment. However, what should I do with my apartment when my child graduates?
If you choose to use our lease management service, we will not only manage your property but also operate it in a way that it will become your stable income over the long run. Allocating your assets abroad can lower your investment risks as well as maintaining the security of your investments.

Q3 In the occasion of unexpected events (for instance earthquake-induced damages), what will happen?
If an unexpected event occurs before the change of property title (prior to payment and registration), then there is no big issue as the property title is not under the new owner’s name. If the situation prohibits the transaction from moving forward, then we also have safety measures for you (for example guaranteed refund of deposit etc.). Please rest assured that the buyer will not be put under any risk under any circumstance. Under the laws and regulations by the Japanese government, you can be rest assured of your real estate transaction.

Q4 If I wish to sell my property after a few years, do you provide assistance in this aspect? How much are the related fees, if any?
We do offer assistance in selling properties. The major fees that will be incurred are [Stamp Duty・Agency Fee・Registration Fee (if applicable)]. Click here for more details

Q5 If I decide to sell my property after purchase, are non-Japanese citizens required to pay tax as well? (eg: Capital Gain Tax)
If a non-Japanese resident wishes to sell his or her property and meets various conditions (※1), then the buyer is required to pay 10% of the selling price as prepaid tax. As a result, the amount that is paid to the seller is actually 90% of the property’s selling price. This is one of the regulations passed by the Japanese government to prevent non-residents from tax evasion by purposely collecting taxes when income is derived. Of course, there will be an annual final income tax period during which the seller can receive refund from excessive levied taxes. (During tax filing, the various transaction expenses can be deducted from the overall selling price of the property. Any tax that has been overpaid will be refunded to you.)

※1. Various conditions refer to <1. Tenant is a legal corporation 2. Tenant is an individual but the property is not intended for self or family-use>. Additionally, if the selling price of the property is under 100,000,000JPY, the buyer is an individual (not a corporation) and the intention of the property is for self-use, then the buyer does not need to pay tax. Please click here for more details

Q6 Am I allowed to apply for a bank or postal account in Japan? If not, then how do I collect my monthly rent?
There are a number of limitations if you are a non-Japanese citizen who wishes to apply for accounts in Japan. Please contact our staff for more information. If you do not have an account in Japan, we will wire transfer the money to the designated bank account in your home country (money will be wired two times per year on July 25, and Next Year January 25.). The necessary bank fees/expenses will be deducted before the money is wired. (Fees/expenses are as follows: Withholding Tax (※terms and conditions apply), Property Management Fee、bank fees, necessary taxes,Maintenance Fee, Registration Fee, Tax-filing Management Fee). As the money transfer is an international transaction, please understand if money comes in a few days later than the days mentioned above.

Q7 How do I pay for my taxes?
If the buyer is not in Japan, the individual must appoint a proxy to pay the taxes on his or her behalf. This representative can be any of the following: our company, our subsidiary company, or companies appointed by our company (The tax-filing fee is 24,000 JPY per year for each apartment). Our company will deduct all the necessary taxes before wiring the money to you. We will take care of all tax-related matters to save you from trouble and provide you with the best experience possible.

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