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Property SearchFocusing mainly on Tokyo’s 23 wards, Bans City Co.,Ltd.’s main service is to introduce the most ideal properties according to the different needs and requests from our customers. In order to best serve our customers, we will stand in their shoes to find the most ideal properties that match their needs. Whether your purpose is for investment, self-use or even as a second house, please feel free to inquire us for further details and we will attend to your questions and requests at once. Our company can also act on our customers’ behalf (ie: checking for availability) for any of the properties that might be found online or through other forms of media by our customers themselves.

To keep our overseas customers up to date with the latest information regarding properties in Tokyo, Bans City’s Chinese website “Tokyo Toushi” is now up for your perusal! In order to make your experience more convenient and efficient, the website will provide you with insightful information regarding the investment of properties in Tokyo. Using the website, you can search for properties by route choice or by area. Further, you can also initiate a search via the online map to keep yourself up to date with all the property-related information in Tokyo! http://www.tokyotoushi.com/chfooter_contact_btn