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Property Purchasing Procedure

Property Purchasing ProcedureBans City recommends the purchase of properties by cash. Of course, it is perfectly acceptable if you wish to apply for a bank loan. However loans may present difficulties for a non-citizen given that the period of time between registration and the handing over of keys could be rather long and the initial costs might be comparatively higher than purchasing by cash. 

The turnover rates of investment properties are higher and faster on the market, so it is not at all uncommon for properties with good conditions to get sold quickly. To ensure that our customers get the properties of their choice, we strongly recommend cash as the payment method. Paying by cash will not only allow you to quickly secure your property of choice, but it also helps to leave a good impression on the seller.

If you wish to pay by loans, there are several banks in Japan that offers our Hong Kong customers loans. The loan conditions will vary according to the different conditions of each individual customer. Please inquire your bank for more details.

For further information regarding the purchasing procedure of properties by cash, please refer to the purchasing procedure here.