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Management Services

Management ServicesTo overseas property owners:Do you have language barriers with your current management service company? Does your management service company lack efficiency? Is your management service company difficult to contact? If your management service company satisfies any of the aforementioned conditions, please inquire us for further information. Apart from finding the ideal properties for our customers, we are also confident in managing their existing properties.

Do you wish to increase the revenue of your property? Do you wish to rethink your strategic direction? Or do you wish to receive a better management service? If you have any of the above-mentioned concerns, then you have come to us for the right reason. According to your existing property’s type, size, age etc., we will make our best effort and happily provide you the most ideal strategic direction for your investment. We also provide free cost evaluation service for all properties. Our rental management services are mainly divided into two parts – one being “money collection” of which we will collect rental on your behalf and perform overseas remittance and the second being “sublet service” of which we will rent your property and you are guaranteed of rental income. For both types of management, you can have a peace of mind as we have Chinese-speaking staff at your service. With regards to money transfer to a designated account, please feel free to contact us too even if the remittance is to an overseas account. We also provide all types of services tailored to our customers. For details please see other services.

What is “Money Collection”

We will handle everything on your behalf. They may include but are not limited to: search of prospective tenants; signing, cancellation, and renewal of contract; collection of rental and remittance of money; settlement of fees and property-check when a tenant moves out. We will take care of all property-related matters for you.

What is “Sublet Service”

Our company will sign a rental contract with you and then rent your property on our own. Due to the fact that your tenant is our company, not only will you be guaranteed of monthly rental income, your property’s vacancy risks will also be significantly reduced.

※Terms and conditions will apply. Our company will decide on the rental.

Search for a Prospective Tenant (Rent Agency)

Are you experiencing extended property vacancy and eager to look for a tenant? Then please pick up the phone and contact us! Our company also provides services for tenants who wish to look for properties. Apart from advertising, we also take prospective tenants to search for properties. Our company will be in charge of the signing and renewal of your contract. We will make our best effort to prevent you from vacancies in order to ensure the rate of return on your investment.

For more information on management services, please see management service details and the competitive advantages of our company.