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Before Purchase

Before PurchaseQ1 I do not speak Japanese. Is there Chinese speaking staff?
Yes, we have Chinese speaking staff at your service.

Q2 I would like to learn more about the purchase/selling procedure of properties. What procedures or documents are required?
Please refer to the “Property Purchase Procedure” listed on top of this website.

Q3 Are there any restrictions with regards to foreigners purchasing properties in Japan?
Currently, there are no restrictions in this regard. Under the law reform in April of 1998, the ban placed on foreigners (non-Japanese residents) from purchasing properties in Japan has been lifted.


During Purchase

During PurchaseQ1 Am I only permitted to make my payment in Japanese yen? Can I settle my payment from Hong Kong?
You may settle your payment from Hong Kong, but the currency must be in Japanese yen.Q2 Are there other methods of payment apart from wire transfer?
Exceptions aside, we normally only accept wire transfer. If you have further questions, please inquire our staff during purchase.

Q3 When purchasing properties abroad, I might encounter problems with my bank loans. Do you provide assistance in this regard?
Yes, we do provide assistance in this regard. You can get bank loans from Chinese financial institutions in Tokyo. If you decide to purchase a property through a loan, we can recommend related financial institutions at your request. Please contact us for more information.


After Purchase

After PurchaseQ1 If I do not live in Japan, do you provide management service for my property?
Yes, we have management service tailored for customers who have purchased properties. For further information please see “Our Property Management Service” above.Q2 My child will be studying abroad in Japan so I am considering purchasing a small studio or an apartment. However, what should I do with my apartment when my child graduates?
If you choose to use our lease management service, we will not only manage your property but also operate it in a way that it will become your stable income over the long run. Allocating your assets abroad can lower your investment risks as well as maintaining the security of your investments.


Other Questions

Other QuestionsQ1 What kind of taxes do I need to pay when purchasing a property in Japan and how much are they?
Regardless of the person’s nationality, the buyer must abide by the rules and regulations of the tax standards imposed by the Japanese government. Considering you own a 20㎡ (about 6 pings) studio – the taxes that will be incurred will be as follows (the amount varies according to the property’s location, size and other related factors. This is for your reference only)Fixed Asset Tax and City Planning Tax… roughly 50,000JPY (paid once per year)
Property Acquisition Tax… roughly 150,000JPY (one-time payment after purchase of property)
Property Registration & License Tax… roughly 50,000JPY (one-time payment during changeover of property title)
Stamp Duty… roughly 15,000JPY (one-time payment after purchase of property)
Consumption Tax… included in the property’s selling price (tax inclusive)


About Potential Investment Risks

About Potential Investment RisksQ1 What happens if there is a fire accident?
In the event of a fire, there will be a fire insurance in place. The management company, landlord, and tenant will all get their own fire insurances for the property. (The insurance compensation will vary according to the extent of damage caused by the fire)Q2 If your company, by any chance, faces bankruptcy and is forced to close down, then what will happen to my property?
Please be assured that we will direct you to another management company in the unfortunate event that we have to close down. There are other similar companies in Tokyo that specializes in property management, so you can be rest assured that the transition will be a seamless one. In addition, please note that the monthly rent and management fees will vary according to the different management companies that take charge of your property.